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Meet the MAKEEN Energy LPG filling product line

The next step in LPG filling is here

All the experience and know-how, merged into one. The MAKEEN Energy product line for filling and maintenance of LPG cylinders combines the best of both Kosan Crisplant and Siraga technology with a range of added benefits. It is the next generation choice for LPG fillers everywhere.

  • Benefits

    • Collect usable data about everything in your operation!
    • The best uptime you have ever had
    • New levels of performance and capacity
    • Smooth production planning
    • Protection from damage to machine parts
    • Easy and fast repair
    • Superior weighing accuracy
    • Longer lifetime of controller unit
    • One controller unit for all functions – and the same spare part

Connected like never before

MAKEEN Energy equipment establishes new industry standards for cloud connectivity, data analysis and remote monitoring. With the addition of sensors that collect important data about the system’s performance, you can spot potentials for improvement as well as predict the need for maintenance or risks of a breakdown. To see the future, so to speak.

Bringing the LPG filling industry into the era of Industry 4.0 has been on our agenda for years, and with this product line, we have made a set of equipment that is specifically designed to let you collect and harness the power of your data!

Shock absorption for minimal damage

We have redesigned the base of our filling machines to be more flexible, providing much higher safety against shocks and bumps. The stability offered by this shock absorption system prevents damage to machines and components, resulting in high uptime and less money spent on spare parts and repair.

New heights of digitalisation

With this generation of filling machines, we are pushing LPG filling further into the digital world. Equipped with a digital load cell instead of the previous analogue cells, the machines achieve the market’s best weighing accuracy, even at high temperatures up to 50 C°. What this means is that you have fewer underfilled or overfilled cylinders that you need to handle. In addition, the new generation of machines offer the possibility of easy communication with other external devices, such as RFID or code readers.

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A unified product program for our LPG cylinder handling solutions is the logical next step in our quest to deliver the best to our customers. It means that we get the best of both worlds, with even more excellent products and customer support.

Anders C. Anderson, CEO, MAKEEN Energy

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