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Preparation equipment

Our advanced evacuation systems ensure safe cylinder maintenance, while the valve opener and closer guarantees precise torque control for filling and leak tests. The valve orientation machine automates correct valve positioning. Versatile and adaptable, our solutions increase efficiency, reduce manpower, and seamlessly integrate into existing setups, transforming LPG cylinder handling for the better.

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Preparation equipment

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All of our LPG solutions are based on technology that delivers results. Find a complete overview of our systems and machines for LPG by clicking on the link below.

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A unified product program for our LPG cylinder handling solutions is the logical next step in our quest to deliver the best to our customers. It means that we get the best of both worlds, with even more excellent products and customer support.

Anders C. Anderson, CEO, MAKEEN Energy

We still support Kosan Crisplant and Siraga products

Although we have combined their best qualities into a single MAKEEN Energy product line, we still support our customers who are using Kosan Crisplant or Siraga products in their filling operation. You can still receive spare parts or new machines from these brands, and our service offering for them remains unchanged.