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When you use your equipment, it will naturally need maintenance and service to keep up its performance. We understand the importance of being able to quickly order replacement parts to keep your equipment running and minimise downtime. Don't worry - we will not let you down. 

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Since we entered into this service agreement, we haven't had any problems with the filling equipment. We have also come to use the specialists from MAKEEN Energy as advisers on how to upgrade our existing equipment with new and improved solutions.

Janez Oblak, Operations Manager, Butan Plin, Slovenia

Spare part kits and sets

We compile the most common spare parts in kits and sets to ensure that you never run out of vital parts for your business. Compiling relevant parts in kits means that you are able to replace more parts at once when your production is down anyway, instead of having to stop again when it's time to replace the next part. This will save you a lot of downtime, in our experience. So instead of you having to make numerous orders over time, we send everything you need in kits and sets.

If you are unable to find the needed parts among the available kits and sets, please don't hesitate to contact our service department for a customised package to suit your exact needs. We stand by to help you find just the parts you are missing.

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