Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR efforts

We know that our activities affect the areas where we do business, and we acknowledge our responsibility towards both people and planet. That is why we are fully committed to working for positive and sustainable change both within and outside our organisation.

Committed to be responsible to people and planet

MAKEEN Energy operates across the world in many different political, cultural and environmental settings. That requires a lot of adaptability and flexibility from us. However, some things don't change, no matter where we operate - our commitments to ourselves, our customers and the planet. Below you'll find more information on how we're committing ourselves and where - hopefully all this information serves to show that our key reason to go to work every day is to provide responsible energy solutions to people and planet.

Our code of conduct

Whistleblower platform

With the Speak Up service (a whistleblower arrangement), we encourage all employees at MAKEEN Energy to come forward if they know of or suspect any actions that violate the law, our code of conduct or the organisational policies. Speak Up is supervised and managed by an external supplier (Deloitte), and it is 100% anonymous to report an incident or suspicion.

Our sustainability efforts


MAKEEN Energy is a global, market-leading house of energy that unites several business areas under one roof and one common purpose: responsible energy solutions for people and planet. Aside from the purpose, all the entities, subsidiaries and work sites we own or operate around the world share a common set of policies. These are known as the MAKEEN Energy policies.

Code of conduct

MAKEEN Energy is a market-leading corporation in the energy industry with employees and activities all around the world. Our code of conduct applies to all employees in our subsidiaries and others who act on MAKEEN Energy’s behalf – no matter their job function, location or seniority.

Read our code of conduct here