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The EnviroTech department is our newest department and our products and solutions are innovative not only to the world, but also within our company. With decades of experience in cylinder filling and handling gas, our board decided to start up a new department with a true start-up culture and a very short distance between thought and action. As a result of this strategic decision, MAKEEN EnviroTech now thrives as our fastest growing department.

Today, we employ around 50 people full-time who work on numerous innovative solutions to bridge gaps and create circularity. Our most progressed solution so far is Plastcon, a turnkey chemical recycling plant that we're now able to offer to the market. 

Our innovation projects

Plastcon - a solution to the plastic waste problem

Our planet is drowning in plastic – and our plastic waste problem keeps growing day by day.

Plastcon responds to an enormous, global problem that poses a threat to natural environments, wildlife, and public health.

  • Half of all plastic waste on a global scale cannot be cleaned and sorted adequately enough to be recycled. And much less than half is currently recycled.
  • Most plastic items can currently only be mechanically recycled - and 2-3 times at the maximum.

The solution exists now – and it is called Plastcon. MAKEEN Energy’s Plastcon system has “cracked the code” and offers an innovative solution based on pyrolysis to chemically recycle plastic.

Plastcon handles all types of plastic

With Plastcon, it is possible to chemically recycle all types of plastic waste. Even PVC and PET materials, which are commonly regarded as difficult to recycle, can easily be part of the feedstock for Plastcon.

As an additional bonus, the system does not require the plastic to be cleaned or washed before it enters. Oftentimes, plastic waste comes with contaminants, like glass, sand, stone, metal and organic materials, that complicate the recycling process and wear out the equipment. But Plastcon easily solves the problem by sorting out this kind of pollution during the process.

Our first full-scale Plastcon plant is currently under construction and will commence operation in 2023. Our technology is based on several years of extensive testing on a smaller scale test plant, which has been designed and build by our in-house team of engineers.

We have now arrived at the stage where we’re ready to rapidly scale up and offer our solution to new customers.

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About the EnviroTech team

The EnviroTech team is located at MAKEEN Energy’s headquarters in Randers, Denmark and consists of around 50 highly specialised engineers with decades of experience.

Plastcon is a developing project and because we have “cracked the code” and secured funding for our first full-scale plant, we have experienced tremendous growth over the last couple of years. We see Plastcon as our next big chapter and we already experience huge interest from investors and the industry. As a natural consequence, we are preparing for and already undertaking a rapid scale-up of our capacities. This also means that we're constantly on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

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