LPG Solutions

Electrical equipment

The purpose of MAKEEN Energy's range of electrical equipment is to obtain safe and optimal operation of complete filling plants.


  • 50 years experience with electrical engineering in hazardous areas
  • Future-oriented electrical solutions capable of improvement
  • Ex-proof components according to European norms
  • Our suppliers are all internationally approved and certified
  • Competitive prices




More LPG products and solutions

  • Marking of LPG cylinders

    Whether it is safety instruction, logos, tare marking or other practical and promotion features, our equipment for marking of LPG cylinders covers all needs and helps boost your company's brand.

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  • Fire and gas alarm systems

    An indispensable part of any safety system on LPG sites, our fire and gas alarm systems ensure maximum safety no matter the requirement - with minimal maintenance.

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  • UFM – Medium filling capacity

    Our solution for allround filling of gas cylinders in a flexible and competitive way is based on the UFM - the Universal Filling Machine.

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