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Equipping your people with the right tools and knowledge to succeed is the key to unlocking the full potential of your operation and ensure maximum safety. That is why we offer training courses in safety, operation and maintenance.

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For years, we have trained our customers' personnel in courses relating to the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of our equipment. 

No matter their job function or level of knowledge, we tailor training sessions or courses that are adjusted to the specific audience and their needs.

Get in touch with us, explain your needs, and we will put together the right training solution to enable you to optimise your operation.

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Stories related to training

LPG Day: Celebrating exceptional energy

Every year on 7 June, we celebrate LPG Day and the many benefits that LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) brings to the world.

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India National Safety Week 2024

4-10 March was the National Safety Week in India, highlighting and raising awareness of safe practices for individuals and communities under the theme "Focus on Safety Leadership for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Excellence”.

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New Facility Service contract with City LPG, Bangladesh

MAKEEN Energy Bangladesh has finalised an agreement with City LPG in Bangladesh for a Facility Service contract of their LPG filling plant and cylinder manufacturing facility.

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Aminur Rahman takes charge in Bangladesh

Following a change in management, Aminur Rahman is the new Country Director for MAKEEN Energy activities in Bangladesh.

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The benefits of training

Be resourceful with skilled personnel

Having a staff of skilled, highly-trained workers allows you to solve many problems on your own without having to call on outside help - saving both time and money.

Avoid costly production stops

Every time a machine breaks down, and the production comes to a halt, you are losing money. If your staff has been educated in identifying and addressing issues in the machinery, there is a greater chance that the downtime can be minimised. Or, perhaps, prevented from happening in the first place.

Fewer human errors

With the right education, machine operators make fewer mistakes. Such mistakes often arise from a lack of knowledge or awareness and can be reduced with thorough training - leading to heightened safety and productivity.

Increase production output

Inevitably, highly trained people perform better. Whether for operators, managers, or maintenance personnel, we can assist with the latest knowledge about optimal procedures. We provide useful, actionable insights that heighten the output of your production.

Stay updated on the latest knowledge

You or your crew may already have years of experience in your field. Training can still benefit you in that case, as we can help you get updated on the latest knowledge, rules, regulations etc.