Nothing speaks as loud and clear as hands-on, real-life examples. That is why we here present some of our previous projects. Our case stories give you an idea of what we have helped our customers with in the past – and what we can help you with now.

  • The four-leaf clover finds good luck in Cyprus

    When a group of four Cypriot gas suppliers decided in 2020 to pool their resources for a state-of-the-art filling and maintenance plant for their LPG cylinders, they chose MAKEEN Energy as their preferred LPG equipment supplier.

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  • A Jordanian FLEXSPEED success story

    Upgrading to a FLEXSPEED system can be a big decision. But it can also bring big advantages, as Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company found out.

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  • Non-stop hammer time in Malaysia

    A new hammering machine developed by MAKEEN Energy has made liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling in Malaysia a little easier.

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  • Remote commissioning – “No worries!”

    That was what we told Elgas in Australia when COVID-19 broke out and disrupted the process of replacing their old filling equipment.

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  • Modern controller units bring new life to old equipment

    JoPetrol saved money and raised efficiency by simply replacing the outdated HMI controllers. A small technology upgrade can have a big impact.

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  • High-speed LNG bunkering with uninterrupted flow

    Naturgy's challenge: delivering LNG to ships from a large number of tank trailers in a short time span. We responded with the MTTS.

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  • New liquefaction technology reduces power consumption by 40%

    Our experts teamed up with researchers from DTU Mechanical Engineering to develop new, more efficient methods for the cooling of natural gas.

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  • Annual service visits keep up bunkering performance

    Just like all other types of mechanics, a bunkering solution needs regular service and maintenance to ensure a high performance.

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  • Expert engineering makes space where there is none

    Production fell short in peak periods, but SNDP did not have enough room to expand its filling capacity. Our engineers solved their problem.

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