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We design and manufacture flexible LPG filling systems that work for everyone: from simple, manual machines for the one-man businesses to advanced, fully automatic electronic solutions for the biggest filling operations in the world.

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What all our systems share is an uncompromising attention to quality, safety, flexibility and efficiency. When you buy MAKEEN Energy filling machines, you become the owner of a thoroughly designed system, built with the best materials and cutting-edge technology. We cut no corners in our design and manufacturing process, because we know that satisfied customers are the cornerstone of our business.

Gas Solutions

Kosan Crisplant

For many decades, Kosan Crisplant has been a market-leading manufacturer and supplier of equipment for the filling, handling and maintenance of LPG cylinders. As part of our gas solution division, Kosan Crisplant offers solutions of all scales - from single machines to large and complex systems. 


Like Kosan Crisplant, Siraga has been a key player in the LPG handling business for years. Established in the 1930's, and now a part of MAKEEN Energy, Siraga delivers a wide array of flexible, high-quality products and solutions to customers around the world.

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A unified product program for our LPG cylinder handling solutions is the logical next step in our quest to deliver the best to our customers. It means that we get the best of both worlds, with even more excellent products and customer support.

Anders C. Anderson, CEO, MAKEEN Energy

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All over the world there are dedicated MAKEEN Energy employees who work passionately with responsible energy solutions for people and planet.

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