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  • UFM – Medium filling capacity

    Our solution for allround filling of gas cylinders in a flexible and competitive way is based on the UFM - the Universal Filling Machine.

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  • FLEXSPEED – High capacity filling

    With patented handling and processing techniques, the FLEXSPEED system reaches filling capacities of more than 4000 LPG cylinders per hour on one carousel system.

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  • Container filling plants

    A mobile container filling plant is an ideal solution when entering and testing new markets or when renovating existing facilities.

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  • Telescopic conveyors

    Our telescopic conveyors are designed for quick and easy loading/unloading of cylinders. They reduce manual handling too.

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  • Fire and gas alarm systems

    An indispensable part of any safety system on LPG sites, our fire and gas alarm systems ensure maximum safety no matter the requirement - with minimal maintenance.

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  • Electrical equipment

    With future-oriented solutions and ex-proof components, our range of electrical equipment ensures safe and optimal operation of your entire filling plant - at competitive prices.

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  • Valve changing machine

    With the valve changing machine, it is quick and safe to change LPG cylinder valves. The machine has special keys for all valve types.

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  • Surface treatment of cylinders

    Obtain high cylinder quality and long cylinder lifetime by providing the surface of your cylinders with the right treatment. It is an important and natural part of the standard inspection procedure.

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  • Shroud and foot ring straighteners

    For rapid, precise and safe repair of damaged shrouds and foot rings on LPG cylinders, this is the solution. It makes sure that your cylinders look nice and appealing for the market.

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Technology that delivers results

We still support Kosan Crisplant and Siraga products

Although we have combined their best qualities into a single MAKEEN Energy product line, we still support our customers who are using Kosan Crisplant or Siraga products in their filling operation. You can still receive spare parts or new machines from these brands, and our service offering for them remains unchanged.

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