Staying on track together

The executive management of our organisation is based in our headquarters in Randers, Denmark, and we have local management groups in all our 20 locations across the world as well as regional management of our 5 regional sales units.

Our executive management

Portrait of Anders C. Anderson

Anders C. Anderson

CEO \ Managing Director of MAKEEN Energy

Anders is always keeping his ear to the ground - both inside and outside the organisation - to make sure that we are heading in the right direction. No matter the issue, his unparalleled determination and clear set of values ensure a common thread through all activities at MAKEEN Energy.

"Far more than just words, our vision and values are at the centre of everything we do."

Portrait of Mads Bach Christensen

Mads Bach Christensen

CFO \ Financial Director of MAKEEN Energy &
CEO \ Managing Director of MAKEEN Gas Solutions

With a background in another globally operating company, Mads is experienced in creating and maintaining a strong, singular unit out of many individual parts. He knows that in order to achieve our ambitions and meet the challenges of the future, we must function as one global team.

"The journey we are on, and the ambitions that we have, demand that we work together as One Global Team."

Portrait of Bent Lindrup

Bent Lindrup

CTO \ Technical Director

Bent's unstoppable pursuit for the better solution keeps MAKEEN Energy on its toes. With his technical insights, Bent knows that in our world nothing is final. It is always possible to improve and rethink what we do, and innovation is consequently the most forward-looking solution.

"It is our vision to be the world's most innovative and outstanding provider of benefits, solutions and services to the gas business."

Portrait of Bo Larsen

Bo Larsen

CCO \ Commercial Director

With his clear focus on the interaction and relations with our customers, Bo paves the commercial way forward for MAKEEN Energy. He knows that in the changing energy context it is vital for us to pay attention to our customers and their needs - after all, we are nothing without them.

"We are very aware that without our customers, we have no business."

Portrait of Anders Bjørn

Anders Bjørn

COO \ Project Director

Anders knows and understands the importance of creating the perfect match between customer and solution. To achieve this, MAKEEN Energy and our employees need to be involved and ask questions. Knowledge is without comparison the best tool for developing the right solutions.

"We get to know our customers and their businesses really well in order to advise them in the best way possible."

Who we are

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