Good reasons to join us

With new challenges each day and 2,500 employees represented in more than 20 countries worldwide, we offer a wide variety of career opportunities. 

Working with us

We are proud of our company - and especially the people who are part of it. They are the minds and hands behind both our responsible energy solutions and our global culture. Here you can learn more about the people at MAKEEN Energy and the possibilities of joining in as a new member of our family.

People and culture

Empowering our people to innovate

We dare to dream big - and in new directions. Our newest business area, Plastcon, is a great example of our strength. The EnviroTech department has transformed itself from initial research to full-scale project execution in just a few years. Read how our people and culture enables innovation.

One common goal

No matter where in the world MAKEEN Energy employees work, they all have one common goal – to develop responsible energy solutions. To achieve this goal, the well-being, commitment and motivation of our employees are crucial elements.

Work environment

We believe that our trust-based management, flat organisation and diversity of experience and perspectives create a better work environment for our employees. And we are convinced this leads to better solutions for our customers. This is why we nurture our shared values, which are based on openness, dialogue and co-responsibility.

Potential around the world

Although our values were shaped in Denmark, they are now deeply rooted in all of our locations around the world. MAKEEN Energy employees – whether they are production workers in Sri Lanka, supervisors in Brazil, or engineers in Denmark – are all encouraged to express their opinion, take ownership and realise their full potential.

Experiences, insights and ideas

Not only does this give us contented and committed employees, many of whom have been with us for decades - it also means we successfully integrate their experiences, insights and ideas into the creation of smarter and more sustainable solutions for the future.

Job openings

Across our global branches, you may often find open positions. Besides that, we regularly hire people based on unsolicited applications. In other words: Don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you think that you're exactly what we need. Click below to read about our open positions and how you may reach our branches around the world.

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