Facility Management

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We know the equipment better than anyone. So why not leave all or part of the daily operation of your facilities in our experienced hands? With a facility management agreement from MAKEEN Energy, we take care of functions that may be secondary to your business, but are primary to ours.

What is a facility management agreement?

When we sign a facility management contract with a customer, we take care of the daily operation and maintenance of their facilities. We provide our own staff, and we deliver the output that we have agreed on with the customer. This leaves space for our customers to focus on their core business.

And we do not just operate and maintain the machinery. At every level, from administration to mowing the lawn and sweeping the floors, we make sure that you do not need to worry about a single thing that takes place within the facility's premises.

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What are the advantages of facility management?

Eliminates uncertainties

You only pay for the volume of output that you need - for example, a number of gas cylinders filled - and staff charges are always included.

Access to specialised staff

Instead of hiring one or more full-time employees for your facilities, our specialists can step in whenever it is necessary.

Straightforward administration

When we are in charge of the daily operation, we will be your one and only point of contact.

A partner who shares insights

We want to build a partnership that is based on trust, cooperation and openness - and sharing knowledge is a vital foundation in this regard.

Exceptional maintenance

We know how to take care of the equipment in a timely fashion and when to give it special attention. From the beginning, we define the conditions and improvements you will receive by the end of the agreement.

Focus your efforts

Facility management gives you space to concentrate on your core business. You can then spend your time and resources on doing what you do best.

We tailor the agreement to your needs

A basic principle for our approach to facility management is that no 2 facilities are alike. A fixed standard solution will just not fit all. Therefore, we always start off by thoroughly investigating both your site and your needs to zoom in on and learn more about the specific context. Based on our study, we will provide you with proposals for one or more solutions. To make the proposals clear and transparent, they include detailed information about the package and its services, suggested investment plans as well as calculations on your potential savings.

I am very pleased to visit the world-class LPG plant. It is very well maintained and keeps impressively high standards in terms of safety. The entire team is enthusiastic and well-trained.

Rakesh Miri, Executive Director, HPCL Yediyur, India

All-inclusive or support packages

With a full package facility management solution, we will handle all activities at your facilities. And we truly mean all - we can even cut the grass at the main entrance. For these all-inclusive solutions, we can take over the existing personnel, bring our own or perhaps combine the two by having our experienced supervisors manage the plant operators.

If you choose facility management as a support function, we can assist you when and where you need it. Such an agreement could for example include routine service visits with or without spare parts, an around-the-clock hotline, training of personnel, and feasibility studies to uncover areas with potential for improvement.

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