The history

Decades of responsible energy solutions

Our history has multiple points of origin - from the establishment of the individual companies that today make up the single, global corporation that is MAKEEN Energy. 

Beginning with the end (almost)

Normally you would start a story at the very beginning, but in our sense, it makes more sense to jump ahead a bit. To 2015, to be more specific.

That was the year that we first used the name MAKEEN Energy. This happened when 2 great companies in the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling industry, Siraga and Kosan Crisplant, joined together under the same ownership.

No longer competitors, a new name was required to signify that they were working together as one. And with that, MAKEEN Energy was born. Not just as a common banner to unite under, but as an umbrella for the vision of an innovative energy corporation with a wide pallet of responsible energy solutions that go beyond filling and maintenance of gas cylinders.

Now that we have that cleared up, we can go back to where it all started.

  • 1930’s to 1990’s: The founding period

    In this time, most of the companies that today are MAKEEN Energy were founded. Siraga and Kosan Crisplant, which formed the basis of what today is our gas solutions division, have roots that go back to 1936 and 1951, respectively. Throughout the decades, both of these companies introduced important innovations to the LPG filling market and established themselves as world leaders in their field.

  • 2000’s: Global expansion

    After the turn of the millennium, our strategy shifted towards ambitious growth with the purpose of enhancing our local presence and establish subsidiaries in several key markets – following the principle of “wherever you are, we are.” In 2005, we opened our own ISO 9000-certified production facility in Sri Lanka.

    On the product side, we introduced two major innovations. Building on our already comprehensive service offerings, we presented the concept “facility management” in 2005. And in 2008, we revolutionised the LPG filling industry with the release of FLEXSPEED – a new solution that more than tripled the market standard capacity for gas cylinders filled per hour.

    Also in 2008, we acquired several gas companies in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Denmark that would form the basis of our new Gas Equipment division. This expanded our already comprehensive service offerings to our customers in the gas industry by providing a reliable, global source of gas equipment and expertise – from valves and fittings to complex installations.

  • 2010’s: Becoming MAKEEN Energy

    The new decade started with the emergence of another branch to our tree, as we created our division for liquefied natural gas and biogas solutions – building on our many years of expertise in working with gas.

    The biggest event took place in 2015, when, after coming under common ownership, the 2 formerly fierce competitors Kosan Crisplant and Siraga start working together under the umbrella name of MAKEEN Energy. 

    The name "MAKEEN" is of Arabic origin, meaning "strongly capable and having the full qualities and abilities to do something".

    In 2019, MAKEEN Energy moved further into the environmental technology sector with the reveal of Plastcon - a new technology for conversion of difficult plastic waste into useful and valuable pyrolysis oil. The new solution became the first brick in our EnviroTech division.

  • 2020’s and onward: Bridging gaps in the global energy industry

    MAKEEN Energy is a worldwide company with around 2,500 people spread across all continents (except Antarctica) but working together as One Global Team. Our portfolio includes equipment, services and spare parts, facility management, engineering, and project management for everything from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling facilities and liquefied natural gas/biogas (LNG/LBG) bunkering solutions to power plants and facilities that convert plastic waste into a resource.

    We keep expanding into new markets with responsible energy solutions that address the world’s challenges of today and in the future. For example, in 2021, we entered into a project that aims to recycle composite materials in the form of decommissioned wind turbine blades and a project to remove plastic waste from coastal areas of Europe.