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Our business segments

Our business segments

Customer Support

Understand and help your customers. Leave no one behind. Those are two of our core values, driving us to always help our customers perform to their highest potential.

image of a greyhaired man from behind sitting at a desk infront of a screen drawing on a 3d illustration of a filling plant


I always make sure the quality of our solutions is never compromised by knowledge sharing across departments and with people of different expertise. In my everyday work, I strive to keep a close connection between the technical with software, hardware, and assembly to achieve the best result possible.

Rune Meedom Cramer Design Engineer R&D

Project management

As a Project Manager (and music lover), I like to think of my role as a conductor, bringing together a diverse group of talents to make our projects come to life. Keeping the costumer and team close allows to keep attention to the detail, navigating the twists and turns of projects, and always turning challenges into opportunities.

Francisco Bacelar Project Manager PMP®

Wherever you are, we are

All over the world there are dedicated MAKEEN Energy employees who work passionately with responsible energy solutions for people and planet.