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Our house of energy

The basics in a standard house kit usually include a ground, a roof and some walls. And in our house, a set of solid pillars is the vital part that keeps these elements together.

Our business segments

MAKEEN Energy is a world-leading house of energy. Our portfolio includes equipment, customer support, spare parts, facility management, engineering and project management for everything from liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) filling facilities and liquefied natural gas/biogas (LNG/LBG) bunkering solutions to power plants and facilities that convert plastic waste into a resource.

All our business areas rest on a foundation that is made up of our common MAKEEN Energy values. And they all support our energy approach and our purpose: responsible energy solutions for people and planet. That is why they are all found within the walls of our house.

We have a number of brands that open doors into and represent our business areas. These are: Kosan Crisplant, Siraga, KC LNG, KC ProSupply, MAKEEN Power, Plastcon and Suncil.

Our business segments

Customer Support

Understand and help your customers. Leave no one behind. Those are two of the values we live by, and they drive us to always help our customers perform to their highest potential.

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Where we are

2,500 individuals working passionately with responsible energy solutions for people and planet.

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25 years ago, we started Indian operations with an aspiration to have a sustainable platform for business creating a space where dreamers, thinkers, and doers could connect and collaborate. From the beginning, it aimed to be more bigger entity than just a physical location. MEIN became a ideal platform world over for its creative ideology in tapping business , fostering an ecosystem that nurtured talent and inspired change with excellence.

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In collaboration with glass fibre producer 3B-Fibreglass, the DecomBlades partners are pursuing a circular route for the glass fibre from decommissioned wind turbine blades

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