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Here you can find a quick overview of our organisation displayed in facts, figures and infographics.

Who we are

If you're curious about how many people we are, where you can find us, or any other aspect of our company, you can find answers in the facts and figures below. For a deeper understanding, follow the link here:

Who we are
image of employees talking between desks

Approx. 3,900 people

This is the number of people we employ, all connected as one global team.

Offices in 19 countries

Our global presence allows us to always be close to our customers and assist them with anything they might need.

Activities in over 140 countries

We have delivered products and solutions to customers on every continent (with the exception of Antarctica).

Headquarters in Denmark

Previously based in Aarhus, our growth pushed us to newer and bigger premises in Randers in 2019.

Our purpose

Responsible energy solutions for people and planet

4 business segments

Our business segments

Our business segments