Our values

An organisation driven by values

Far more than just words, our values are at the centre of everything we do. Most of them have been part of us since the beginning and have shaped the culture and business conduct in our organisation. Here is a presentation of the principles that make up our foundation.

Our values

Be proactive and take ownership

We are confident that responsibility and empowerment bring great results and new ideas. Therefore, we encourage all our colleagues to be proactive and take ownership of their tasks. When they seek out opportunities and take initiative, we are heading for improvement and innovation.

Be passionately involved

In everything we do, we want to be passionately involved or not at all. Whether we interact with colleagues, customers, partners or other stakeholders, you can rely on us because we are in it for the long haul.

Share your knowledge - make others good

We believe in knowledge sharing, and our broad age composition and cultural diversity make the perfect environment for it. As a result, everyone is on the same page. In short, we enable each other, and we make each other good.

Understand and help your customers

Understanding and helping people goes for every relation we engage in. We know that customers are ambassadors - both good and bad - and we understand that if we treat our customers well, they might come back - and perhaps vouch for us - in the future.

Don't leave anybody behind

Whether we are talking colleagues, customers, partners or other stakeholders, we are not leaving anybody behind. We stand by our commitment, and we are not leaving until the job is well done.

Put the fish on the table

We have a culture in which it is OK, even preferable, to address problems when they arise. The door to our CEO's office is always open. We are completely straight with our customers and tell them if we think they are not being smart about their equipment.

Leadership Principles

Lead by example

Adopt the same behavior you want to see in your team. Be self-aware and make sure your own practices are in line with your request.

Listen to lead

Be approachable and show em­pathy. Listen and work with your team to build a positive culture. Promote an environment of trust and co-­operation. Challenge de­cisions respectfully when you disagree.

Be clear and honest

Be authentic. Use common sense and show respect for transparency. Dare to express the truth without transforming it. Have clear and direct talks. Always seek the facts as the foundation of all ar­guments.

Empower the team

Trust your team. Give them the authority and responsibility to set goals and make decisions. Help them grow by sharing know­ledge and developing skills. Let them learn from mistakes and guide them through challenges.

Inspire and embrace change

Anticipate the need for change and embrace it proactively. Create an environment of con­fidence where our teams embrace the change, contribute with their own ideas, and are allowed to make mistakes. Clearly com­municate the vision and value of the change, set clear goals, and celebrate successes with your team. Lead the change – don’t expect others to be like your­-self but meet them where they are.

Keep focus

Clearly communicate goals and guidelines to empower your team and eliminate doubt. This allows us to focus on the priorities and needs of the

Be customer-centric

For all actions and decisions, ask yourself and your team: “how does this add value to our cu­stomers?” If it does not have a positive influence, the time can be better spent on something more important.

Who we are

If you're curious about how many people we are, where you can find us, or any other aspect of our company, you can get a deeper understanding here.

Who we are

Where we are

Our employees work passionately with responsible energy solutions for people and planet.

Four business segments

Our activities are divided among selling of gas equipment, environmental technology, gas solutions for LPG, LNG, and LPG and customer support.

Our business segments