Our values

An organisation driven by values

Far more than just words, our values are at the centre of everything we do. Most of them have been part of us since the beginning and have shaped the culture and business conduct in our organisation. Here is a presentation of the principles that make up our foundation.

Our values

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Be proactive and take ownership

We are confident that responsibility and empowerment bring great results and new ideas. That is why we delegate authority, ensure that our people have room to take the lead, and motivate everyone to take ownership.

By encouraging and promoting mutual trust and confidence in the workplace, we nurture an environment where innovation, continuous improvement, and personal and organisational growth flourishes.

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Be passionately involved

Team MAKEEN is enthusiastic and passionate about what we do. We believe in our industry, solutions, people, and relationships with partners, and we are committed to going the extra mile to make a positive contribution to the development of a better and sustainable world. We are proud of the work we do and the impact it has on the world around us.

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Share your knowledge - make others good

With years of global experience and a team that is passionate about sharing their knowledge, we have gained a wealth of knowledge that allows us to develop unique solutions for ourselves and our partners. Our diverse team and diverse experiences have given us a unique perspective and the ability to innovative solutions for the challenges we face.

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Understand and help your customers

We see ourselves as more than just suppliers, but as partners who work together with our business partners to improve competitiveness and achieve mutual goals. We listen carefully to understand the needs and business of our partners. By taking the time to understand the unique challenges and goals of each of our partners, we are able to provide tailored solutions that help them succeed.

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Don't leave anybody behind

Our commitment to our customers and partners is unshakeable, and we stay until the task is accomplished – and beyond, if needed.

We accept and respect diversity and promote equal opportunity for everyone. In MAKEEN Energy, all futures must be able to advance at the same pace. At any time, we lend a hand to our colleagues and enable them to reach their next level.

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Put the fish on the table

We have a corporate culture of speaking our minds, and we freely and constructively address any issue, at any time, with anyone. All doors are always open, whether they lead to an assistant, manager, or CEO.

We are completely straight with our point of view, and we encourage our business partners and customers to behave the same – because clear and honest communication allows us all to make the best decisions.

Leadership Principles

Lead by example

Adopt the same behavior you want to see in your team. Be self-aware and make sure your own practices are in line with your request.

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Listen to lead

Be approachable and show em­pathy. Listen and work with your team to build a positive culture. Promote an environment of trust and co-­operation. Challenge de­cisions respectfully when you disagree.

Be clear and honest

Be authentic. Use common sense and show respect for transparency. Dare to express the truth without transforming it. Have clear and direct talks. Always seek the facts as the foundation of all ar­guments.

Empower the team

Trust your team. Give them the authority and responsibility to set goals and make decisions. Help them grow by sharing know­ledge and developing skills. Let them learn from mistakes and guide them through challenges.

Inspire and embrace change

Anticipate the need for change and embrace it proactively. Create an environment of con­fidence where our teams embrace the change, contribute with their own ideas, and are allowed to make mistakes. Clearly com­municate the vision and value of the change, set clear goals, and celebrate successes with your team. Lead the change – don’t expect others to be like your­-self but meet them where they are.

Keep focus

Clearly communicate goals and guidelines to empower your team and eliminate doubt. This allows us to focus on the priorities and needs of the

Be customer-centric

For all actions and decisions, ask yourself and your team: “how does this add value to our cu­stomers?” If it does not have a positive influence, the time can be better spent on something more important.

Who we are

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Who we are

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