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MAKEEN Energy Annual Review 2022

Take a deep dive into MAKEEN Energy’s annual review and explore the year of 2022 in case stories, numbers, strategy, and much more. And how we move forward with purpose. 

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Working with safety

As a company that develops, manufactures, and operates equipment that in many cases is located in hazardous zones or uses hazardous materials, we can and will not compromise when it comes to safety. And that extends to our own internal working procedures as well.

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Why we do it

Our commitment is to deliver responsible energy solutions to people and planet. With a profitable and market-leading position in cylinder filling solutions, we’re well-positioned to embark on an ambitious growth agenda in existing and new areas of business.

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Responsible energy solutions for people and planet

At MAKEEN Energy we are committed to delivering reliable and responsible technology solutions for the energy industry - solutions that help bridge the gaps in global energy supply and ease the transition to a more sustainable future. Watch our video to learn more about our approach and the impact we are making in the energy industry.

Latest news

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Celebrating 25 Years of MAKEEN India: A Beginning for change

25 years ago, we started Indian operations with an aspiration to have a sustainable platform for business creating a space where dreamers, thinkers, and doers could connect and collaborate. From the beginning, it aimed to be more bigger entity than just a physical location. MEIN became a ideal platform world over for its creative ideology in tapping business , fostering an ecosystem that nurtured talent and inspired change with excellence.

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DecomBlades and 3B-Fibreglass are ready to unlock circular recycling of glass fibre in wind turbine blades

In collaboration with glass fibre producer 3B-Fibreglass, the DecomBlades partners are pursuing a circular route for the glass fibre from decommissioned wind turbine blades

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Wherever you are, we are

All over the world there are dedicated MAKEEN Energy employees who work passionately with responsible energy solutions for people and planet.

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When you visit our website, you are contributing to the project "CO2 Neutral Website". This means with every visit you are helping us support the initiative. In short, your clicks mean establishment of new wind turbines, development of new renewable energy sources, and sustainable initiatives in developing countries - all projects, which are aimed towards bringing down CO2 emissions. Pretty cool, if you ask us!

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