On this site, you can check out some of our brochures and catalogues. Browsing through them will quickly introduce you to us as well as the business areas we unite under the name MAKEEN Energy. 

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Press Office

In our press office, you can find relevant contacts from corporate as well as useful links to our Media kit.

Knowledge centre

Without knowing you, we are rather confident assuming that you are interested in the energy industry since you are here. Maybe you know a lot about it already – and maybe not. In any case, even the sharpest of minds usually have room to add a little extra information, and that is exactly what our knowledge centre is here for. Check out the articles below to find info, tips and tricks from all around the energy industry.

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Our e-books provide you with easy-to-understand knowledge about the, at times very technical, energy industry. They are very informative and only one click away from a download.

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