Case: VLPG, Cyprus (2022)

The four-leaf clover finds good luck in Cyprus

When a group of four Cypriot gas suppliers decided in 2020 to pool their resources for a state-of-the-art filling and maintenance plant for their LPG cylinders, they chose MAKEEN Energy as their preferred LPG equipment supplier. After an extensive construction and installation process, the first cylinders started to run through the plant in the end of 2022 – and the result is a first-class facility that will meet their requirements for capacity, safety, and quality for many years to come.

In Cyprus, you will find four leading LPG suppliers: Petrolina, Intergaz, Synergas, and Eko. Together, these companies are responsible for the LPG cylinder supply in the Republic of Cyprus. And they are, as you would expect, competitors.

But on one point, they have decided to work in unison. With their joint venture, VLPG Plant Ltd., they share a single large facility for filling and maintenance of their cylinders. In 2020, VLPG chose MAKEEN Energy as the supplier for this new plant.

Consisting of two carrousel filling lines, one line for industrial cylinders, and a line for reconditioning, the filling and reconditioning plant is well-equipped to handle large quantities of cylinders each day. An automatic palletiser keeps the flow of cylinders high, and the cylinders pass through numerous automatic or semi-automatic machines to test for pressure or leaks, apply caps, and much more.

Quality as well as quantity

The purpose of VLPG’s plant is not just to churn out a lot of filled cylinders (Around 2,400 per hour when the plant reaches maximum capacity). It is also to make sure that they are safe, hygienic, and in good shape visually as well as structurally. For example, VLPG invested in a complete washing system for their cylinders, which removes grease, dirt, and debris while also disinfecting them. And the water gets cleaned and recirculated to minimise the environmental impact, while also reducing the utilities bill. This makes the solution one of the most, if not the most, efficient washing systems on the market.

The reconditioning line, which VLPG also requested, includes a shot blaster that strips old paint, a painting tunnel that applies fresh, powder-based paint, and an oven to polymerise the paint. Finally, the logo gets painted on, and the cylinder looks as good as new. In fact, the result was so good that one of our own was taken aback by it:

The output quality of the reconditioning line surprised even me. We have chosen some new models of equipment, and they have exceeded my expectations. For the filling process, it is good to see that it is performing to the high level which we normally have.

Alexander Alexiev Project Manager, MAKEEN Energy

Set for the future

With this facility, VLPG has ensured their capacity to accommodate the requirements of all its four partners. And they are understandably happy about it:

This was a major project and a big upgrade for all the companies involved. It is state-of-the-art in handling and processing cylinders as well as in the safety aspect. Most procedures are done remotely, and we can control almost everything via the control room. It gives us a fantastic base from which to service our customers all over Cyprus.

Demetris Panayiotou General Manager, VLPG Plant Ltd.

The official opening of the plant took place on 29 January in 2023, which we of course attended – as did the President of Cyprus. We look forward to following VLPG’s journey and offering them all the support they may need in the future!

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