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From valves and regulators to pump skids and larger installations, we offer a wide range of components and equipment along with expert guidance from the beginning to the end of your project. In that way, we provide you with much more than just a product.

Everything in one place

MAKEEN Energy's gas equipment division is our customers' go-to place for all the bits and pieces that are required to use gas safely and efficiently in a commercial setting. We can supply all the necessary components for storage, transportation, and handling of gas - whether a simple set of valves or a complex configuration tailored to specific circumstances.

With a wide product range spanning products for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), ammonia/NH3 and cryogenic gases, we can cover needs both big and small in many sectors. Our customers are as varied as our products, from single-person firms to international energy companies.

We are soon launching a new gas equipment website, but until then you can find all our products and information on our old website.

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Equipment from leading manufacturers

We represent over 200 first-class brands and manufacturers from all over the world. All products in our selection are designed and manufactured by respected and trustworthy brands who value quality and safety as highly as we do. We only sell equipment that is 100% reliable and complies with the safety standards where our customers are located.

We are dedicated to ensuring the immediate and long-term success of our customers. Our expertise as consultants, service providers and distributors of excellent gas equipment means that you only ever need to look in one place to secure the success of your gas business.

Michael Ohm, Director , MAKEEN Energy Gas Equipment

The one-stop shop for gas equipment

We work with what we call a one-stop shop philosophy. What that means is that we act as both a supplier of equipment as well as a partner for your project. In short, we want to do more than just supply a set of valves, hoses, or regulators. Our wish is to work with the customer to find the right solutions that offer the optimal return for their investment, as well as the highest degree of safety. 

We have decades of hands-on experience with designing, installing, and servicing gas equipment, which means that we can expertly assist our customers with any challenge they face. The result is an ideal and safe solution for their business - every time.

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Close to you, no matter where you are

Experts around the globe

MAKEEN Energy Gas Equipment is made up of expert gas businesses across the world, each with their own warehouses and network of agents – so we can deliver our customers' products quickly, anywhere they need it.

Our offices around the world each have extensive experience in the gas industry, and we work together to develop our expertise as our customers' partner in the world of gas. No matter where in the world, there is someone in our network who has knowledge about the area’s specific regulations, standards, and challenges.

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We had a very good cooperation with MAKEEN Energy. Not only in terms of selling and finding the best solution, but most importantly in the after-sales, with installation support and spare parts. They added value to the offers we made to our customers.

João Pinto, Standard Products Manager, A.Silva Matos Metalomecânica

Services for the gas industry

Our technicians are experienced in installing and servicing gas installations for many different applications - and gas types. If a customer needs assistance with the installation of a new gas system, big or small, we are happy to help.

In addition, we offer reconditioning solutions for worn-out gas equipment. This service can save our customers money, as reconditioning is generally cheaper than buying new equipment - and consumes fewer resources. All items are fully dismantled and inspected prior to reassembly and testing.

In general, our customers can call on us to service their gas installation. If a technical issue arises, or a few tweaks need to be made, the global support network of MAKEEN Energy is at our customers' disposal.


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