MAKEEN Energy Commitments

Working with safety

Safety comes first – always

As a company that develops, manufactures, and operates equipment that in many cases is located in hazardous zones or uses hazardous materials, we can and will not compromise when it comes to safety. And that extends to our own internal working procedures as well.

Reporting in Sri Lanka

As an ISO 45001 certified company, MAKEEN Energy Sri Lanka has committed to upholding the international standard for health and safety, ensuring a safe environment for our employees. MAKEEN Energy Sri Lanka proactively utilize a risk management reporting tool to assess previous incidents to improve safety in the work environment.

We have been operating without any lost time injuries (LTIs) for over three consecutive years, while reporting an average of approximately 15,000 work hours a month.

As per industry standards, this means our LTIFR (lost time injury frequency rate) is 0, reflecting our safety culture and commitment, which we are very proud of – safety will always be our number one concern.

For the future, this reporting tool is to roll out globally, ensuring a clear overview of incidents, making it possible to prevent any safety hazards.

Note: Lost time injury frequency rate (LTIFR) is defined as the ‘number of lost time injuries’ for one million work hours for a given accounting period.

The Working Environment Organisation

At MAKEEN Energy Denmark, we have an active Working Environment Organisation, ensuring the safety of our colleagues is never compromised. 

Leading the Working Environment Organisation in Denmark is Anders C. Anderson as working leader, three employee representants, Claus Engelbrekt Christiansen, Steen Lykkegaard Winkler, and Michael Kildall, and work environment manager, Hamed Karachi. 

The Working Environment Organisation meet every 3 months to discuss working environment issues, welfare plans, and how to remove potential hazardous health and safety risks.

One of the current focus points for the organisation is implementing a segmentation of employees which will be highly beneficial to ensure a voice for employees in all segments – the following segmentation was proposed: office, warehouse, service, and technical support. For each of the employee groups, there should be at least 2 working environment representatives who are to be elected by their respective groups of employees.

Additionally, the safety responsibilities in MAKEEN Energy in Denmark will be divided into sections. Here, the manager of each section will be responsible for all occupational health and safety matters of the employees in that section. Lastly, warehouses will be clearly marked in two zones: walking zone and working zone. For the working zone, rules, and instructions for the employees in the zone will be necessary to discuss and determine further.

In February, our HQ in Denmark will undergo a Working Environment Evaluation, which is required every 3 years. Here, the physical and mental environment will undergo inspection. For the physical environment, elements such as noise, lighting, monotone work, heavy lifting etc. will be investigated. In terms of mental environment, our employee satisfaction survey will be considered in the evaluation.

  • Safety inspections

    On October 10, 2022, MAKEEN Energy Denmark underwent an inspection from the Danish Working Authority. The visit was to ensure that the Working Environment Act is upheld on all instances. We are very proud that the Danish Working Authority had no remarks.

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