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  • The LPG plant's invisible enemy

    Static electricity poses an unseen threat to LPG plants. Learn how to protect your site and improve safety measures.

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  • Image of a wet dry conveyor chain with an LPG cylinder on it

    Understanding conveyor chains

    The chain conveyor is an essential part of connecting different procedures in a filling plant, but it does not always receive the attention it needs. We look at proper care, different types of chain, and share some tips you may not be aware of.

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  • A African woman cooking on a gas stove

    LPG is a key component of African development

    In sub-Saharan Africa, governments and NGO's are pushing heavily for a shift to LPG as a means to improve public health, safety, and equality.

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  • Digital solutions and data are becoming a staple of LPG filling

    More and more LPG fillers are realising the importance of having a good setup to gather data on and visualise all the processes in their filling plants.

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  • 7 tips for problem-free project management

    What makes a project run as smoothly as possible? Here, you will find 7 tips from our experienced project managers.

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  • 7 profit-eating flaws in your filling system

    You may never see them, but hidden imperfections can greatly harm your output and bottom line. We have gathered some of the most common things to look out for.

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  • What is LPG?

    LPG is short for liquefied petroleum gas. It is used in more than 1,000 different applications, easy to transport and a friend of the environment.

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  • The crucial role of original spare parts in LPG safety

    In the LPG industry, choosing the right components extends beyond technical considerations; it's about ensuring safety, longevity, and making cost-effective choices. These elements influence not only operational efficiency but also the well-being of our workforce and the environment.

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  • The CIR-II leak detector head on a green background

    Always innovating safety

    Over the years, we have introduced several innovations to heighten the safety of the employees working with our equipment, the places in which they operate, and the consumers using the end product.

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