Meet our MAKEEN'ers

The organisation is based on the passion and engagement by our employees, and some of the very best in the business. Discover some of their journeys at MAKEEN Energy below: 

  • Portrait of a young man SOG

    Søren Ogstrup

    Learn more about how Søren works with new and innovative projects.

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  • Portrait Nicolas Ngon Kemoum

    Nicolas Ngon Kemoum

    Get to know Nicolas and how his career at MAKEEN Energy has brought him around the world.

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  • Portrait of MAKEEN Energy employee Dimitri Gazagnaire

    Dimitri Gazagnaire

    Dimitri has worked at several of our offices globally - read about his experience here.

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  • Portrait of Sebastian Stabell

    Sebastian Stabell

    Starting as a Media Graphic Apprentice, Sebastian finished school and joined the Corporate Communications department full-time.

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  • Portrait of Morten Balle

    Morten Balle

    Morten started his career as an intern, and now works as Regional Manager. Read more about his journey here.

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  • Portrait of Michael Carlsen

    Michael Carlsen

    Michael has been a part of MAKEEN Energy since 2007 - learn how his career has evolved since then.

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  • Portrait of a man in white shirt TLM

    Tiago Leão Machado

    Get to know Tiago and how his career has developed throughout the years.

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  • Portrait of a woman with brown curled hair CPJ

    Cristina Lima

    Meet General Manager Cristina, and get to know her professional journey.

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  • Portrait of a woman with t-shirt standing in front of several white LPG cylinders on shelfs CNB

    Claudia Bonucchi

    Claudia has been a MAKEEN'er since 2012, and her career has taken off since then.

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