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Lifelong learning

As a company in rapid development, we want to make sure our employees are able to develop as well. Read about our initiatives and values concerning lifelong learning.

Your starting point is from where you start moving

As we develop our range of products and head into new markets like biogas liquefaction and chemical recycling of polymer and composite materials, our trusted employees through many years have found themselves swapping designing LPG filling plants with plastic recycling plants.

It is not in any way uncommon for our employees to advance or simply move position within our company. We pride ourselves of making sure that our employees are working with whatever they find most interesting, challenging and motivating, and that is why over the years we've made it possible for many of our skilled employees to "switch career" - not only locally, but also if this means relocating to a different branch in a foreign country.

You might be employed as a communications officer, but end up in the sales department, because communicating directly with customers is what really excites you. Or you might be employed as a design engineer and end up in research and development, because your true passion is designing from scratch. At many of our branches, all employees come together every day at our cantinas. Many of our employees would say that we're a family, and there's not a long way from your office to the office of someone else. 

Having this dynamic energy doesn't happen on its own. We want our structure to be flat, and we encourage our employees to speak up and take active ownership, whenever they feel like it makes sense to them. If this means switching roles and responsibilities, we're very open to the idea and support it whenever it makes sense. After all, our employees are our success.

Serious about lifelong learning

Besides our in-house opportunities to grow, we also sponsor and foster lifelong learning initiatives in the form of shorter and longer courses. We conduct our own in-house project manager training, but we also regularly sponsor high level external courses in order to make sure that our employees are up to date on everything happening in their field. If you as an employee feel that you need extra knowledge, you're always more than welcome to approach your superior and ask for it. In fact, we encourage all our employees to do so.

As an employee at MAKEEN Energy, you can be certain to be presented with opportunities for growth one way or another throughout your employment - we want to make sure that nothing is stopping you from becoming what you'd like to become. 

People and culture

Empowering our people to innovate

We dare to dream big - and in new directions. Our newest business area, Plastcon, is a great example of our strength. The EnviroTech department has transformed itself from initial research to full-scale project execution in just a few years. Read how our people and culture enables innovation.

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