Reconditioning equipment

Marking of LPG cylinders

Our extensive programme of select equipment for marking of LPG cylinders offers all sorts of marking jobs including statutory safety instructions, commercial logos, guidelines for end-users and other promotion features. In addition, there is a series of options for individual marking of cylinders with data to be used in the filling and control processes (tare marking, process date etc.).

  • Mark your cylinders with codes for automatic reading and automate the filling and control processes
  • Observe statutory demands for marking of cylinders
  • Use your cylinders for promotion displays
  • Strong company profiling
  • Safety instructions and general guidelines on your cylinders for end-users increase safety




More LPG products and solutions

  • Internal cleaning and inspection of LPG cylinders

    Our equipment cleans the insides of your LPG cylinders efficiently and even lets you visually control the LPG cylinders' state afterwards.

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  • Purging systems

    Replace atmospheric air with LPG in vapour state quickly and safely with our purging systems – while avoiding both capacity reduction and the dangerous mix of LPG and atmospheric air.

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  • Hot repair of LPG cylinders

    The equipment for hot repair of LPG cylinders includes accessories for cutting and surface welding of shrouds and foot rings as well as equipment for normalising LPG cylinders.

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