Plastcon: A new solution to plastic pollution

Convert problematic plastic waste into precious resources with a multitude of uses. That is the principle of MAKEEN Energy's newest solution: Plastcon. A new way of tackling plastic waste and creating value in the process.

On Wednesday 26 July, we invited dozens of people to see the Plastcon first-hand as we inaugurated our Plastcon test plant at our headquarters in Randers, Denmark. The attendees came from various businesses and organisations - some have a problem with getting rid of plastic waste, and others are interested in using the end product that Plastcon can make. The day ended in a seminar where these different parties were able to discuss the potential of using Plastcon to establish new, fruitful partnerships.

Convert plastic to oil and more

The end product of Plastcon consists primarily of oil, which can be used for heating or as fuel for ships and trucks - and nothing is wasted in the process. Aside from liquid oil, the process generates gases that recirculate to power the plant and carbon black (dust) that can be used in asphalt production.

This gives new life to plastic waste that would otherwise accumulate in landfills, be incinerated or pollute natural environments. And when compared to conventional marine gas oil, the fuel produced by Plastcon contains 15 times less sulphur, making it an environmentally friendly alternative in more ways than one.

More about our plastic waste conversion solution

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