Case: Vulcano Gas, Italy (2014)

Paving the way for a newcomer


Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

Being new to the LPG cylinder filling business is easier if you have the backup of an experienced business partner with a strong local network.


Starting from scratch requires the right support. Vulcano Gas saw the opportunity to enter the Italian LPG market following new legislation that required any company filling gas cylinders to have own storage facilities. With Kosan Crisplant (today known as MAKEEN Energy) as their partner, they were in business in no time.

Preparation saves time

A large part of the project took place long before the installation even began.  In order for Vulcano Gas to get an early start and not waste any time, we used our local industry network to ensure a good working relationship with the Italian authorities. From the outset we assigned experienced consultants to Vulcano Gas to help prepare and present the project to the authorities and get the necessary approvals.

Flexible and efficient installation

For ultimate flexibility and efficiency during the installation process, the project was completed using only local manpower. Soon a complete filling plant including storage tanks was in place and Vulcano Gas was ready to enter the Italian LPG cylinder market.

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