CASE: Totalgaz Tyczka, Germany (2017)

Innovative technology and robustness make for one strong combination


Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

Extending an already trusting and long-term collaboration, in 2011, Totalgaz Tyczka Hadamar in Germany decided to update its filling plant with cutting-edge Siraga (today known as MAKEEN Energy) equipment and technology. In the current European market where the words safety and performance are on everybody's lips, Siraga got the job done.

As the German customer was already convinced by the quality equipment with the distinctive yellow colour installed back in 1996, Totalgaz was quick to once again place its trust in Siraga equipment when they wanted an upgrade of their plant. Totalgaz was especially enthused by the high level of automation of all operations thereby securing efficiency around the entire site. Paired with the robustness and reliability of the filling equipment, it was a no-brainer.

The Hadamar plant opted for a 12-unit carousel with 9 filling machines to get them started as well as two leak detectors placed before and after capping with a valve closing control system. It was the ideal solution for safe and efficient filling. Soon however, the 9 scale filling capacity of 500 cylinders per hour was not enough and three additional filling machines were installed increasing the capacity with an added 200 cylinders per hour.

Cutting-edge technology

In order to be able to withstand intense pressure from competitors, only a high level of automation of all processes would do the trick. These filling scales are equipped with an automatic opening and closing device with torque control, requiring a minimum of manual handling. For the same reason, the machines in the outlet are installed on chain conveyors to ease the flow of the site.

To ensure this highly automated plant keeps performing at its very best years from now, the customer also signed a service contract commissioning Siraga to maintain and service the equipment. In future, an option to further enhance the plant would entail automating the palletisation process to help the operators load and unload the cylinders from the truck.

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