Case: Laugfs Gas, Sri Lanka (2017)

High demand in reliability and proximity to customers


Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

Good quality and local assistance never go out of style and will always be in high demand with customers. Laugfs Gas in Sri Lanka learned that lesson the hard way after having bought low-quality filling equipment from a local Asian player thus sending them on a quest to find a reliable partner.

The fast-developing local gas cylinder market in Sri Lanka is entering a phase of renewing its infrastructure to increase reliability and precision. Siraga was happy to be a part of that transition and to regain a foothold in the country in 2013.

Supplying Laugfs Gas - the second largest player in the domestic gas cylinder market - with a brand new 24-post carrousel offered Siraga (today known as MAKEEN Energy) the possibility to prove that the European quality is in a completely different league than that of their former Asian supplier. At the beginning, the carrousel was only equipped with 12 scales, but as demand increased, little by little, we added filling machines to complete the carrousel. Now the carrousel is at its full capacity.

Two requirements: reliability and proximity

What Laugfs Gas had been missing, Siraga was able to provide. The customer was on the look-out for a solution to the lack of precision and reliability in the filling of cylinders and for the shortcomings of the after-sales service. Siraga, who is known for its filling reliability, proximity to their customers, their efficient maintenance and after-sales service on electronic machines, won over this important market player by delivering just what Laughs Gas longed for.

More than just a supplier

Laugfs Gas experienced severe floodings in both 2016 and 2017. As soon as Siraga heard the devastating news, Siraga India staff was deployed to support the customer and help him restart the production as quickly as possible limiting the customer's precious downtime.

Highly satisfied with the Siraga performance and service and in order to meet demand in South and East of Sri Lanka, in July 2017, Laugfs Gas commissioned Siraga to supply another project consisting of two complete filling lines in Hambanthota.

Testimonial from Laugfs Gas

What motivated you to work with Siraga?

We insisted on having products of European quality, made in Europe and Siraga meets this requirement. In addition, we already have products that are “Made in France” and they are nothing like the low-quality products manufactured in Asia. And the quality does not only pertain to the products: we also appreciate the quality of Siraga’s after-sales service and local assistance day in and day out.

We also appreciate the quality of Siraga’s after-sales service and local assistance day in and day out

Heshan DE SILVA General Director of Operations, Laugfs Gas

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