CASE: Nepal Gas, Nepal (2017)

European quality resonates well in remote Nepal

Siraga's (today known as MAKEEN Energy) European quality meets the requirements of safety and reliability for millions of LPG users in remote Nepal. A country notoriously difficult to reach and battling fraud within the LPG industry. A turnaround was needed in filling domestic gas cylinders.

Siraga is contributing to that turnaround and has been able to gain a foothold in Nepal due to its persistent focus on safety and reliability. Nepal, which is a landlocked country difficult to reach, nestling in the heart of the Himalayas and sandwiched between India and China, was faced with gas cylinder filling fraud in existing centres, and the Nepalese authorities have encouraged local market players to acquire reliable lines. Hence, it was only natural for Nepal Gas to summon Siraga's expertise and impressive track record for the job. Prior to working with Nepal Gas, who is the most important player in the Nepalese LPG gas market, Siraga delivered 18 filling machines to two plants located far from the capital, Saibaba Gas and Shri Khrisna Udyog, guaranteeing effective filling rates. The Siraga equipment is contractually committed to filling Saibaba Gas cylinders with a +/- 25 gram precision for 85% of the cylinders and +/- 50 gram for 98% to guarantee a continuous, precise filling.

It is possible for Siraga to guarantee reliable filling equipment thanks to electronic filling machines that fill and weigh with extreme precision. Combined with knowing how to adapt to serve remote areas and meet specific requests within a few months, in particular from authorities wishing to rationalise their local markets, Siraga was the obvious choice. The contract with Nepal Gas signed in October 2014 contains an automatic carrousel with 24 filling machines - offering a rate of 1,600 cylinders/hour - to equip the largest Nepalese filling centre based in the capital, Kathmandu.

As I was able to see during my visit, “Made in France” quality is what we wanted!

Guna CHANDRA BISTA CEO, Managing Director, Nepal Gas

Testimonial from Nepal Gas

Why have you chosen to work with Siraga?

We were looking for very high-quality and very high reliability services. Therefore, it was obvious that we would opt for a European company. In this respect, Siraga has the two-fold advantage of being French and continuing to manufacture its equipment in France!

Which Siraga solutions were you particularly looking for?

The increased demand for gas in our market means that we must have very modern LPG gas cylinder filling sites that consistently guarantee very high production capacities and unfailing filling quality and safety. In addition, Siraga’s teams know how to adapt to the specific conditions of certain markets - as is unquestionably the case of Nepal due to its geography.

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