Leadership principles

Every year, we conduct a global leadership training, where the main focus is developing our leaders to be their very best. Together, the leadership principles were developed as guidelines for leaders to act within their departments to inspire and encourage.

Lead by example

Adopt the same behaviour you want to see in your team. Be self-aware and make sure your own practices are in line with your request.

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Listen to lead

Be approachable and show em­pathy. Listen and work with your team to build a positive culture. Promote an environment of trust and co-­operation. Challenge de­cisions respectfully when you disagree.

Be clear and honest

Be authentic. Use common sense and show respect for transparency. Dare to express the truth without transforming it. Have clear and direct talks. Always seek the facts as the foundation of all ar­guments.

Empower the team

Trust your team. Give them the authority and responsibility to set goals and make decisions. Help them grow by sharing know­ledge and developing skills. Let them learn from mistakes and guide them through challenges.

Inspire and embrace change

Anticipate the need for change and embrace it proactively. Create an environment of con­fidence where our teams embrace the change, contribute with their own ideas, and are allowed to make mistakes. Clearly com­municate the vision and value of the change, set clear goals, and celebrate successes with your team. Lead the change – don’t expect others to be like your­-self but meet them where they are.

Keep focus

Clearly communicate goals and guidelines to empower your team and eliminate doubt. This allows us to focus on the priorities and needs of the

Be customer-centric

For all actions and decisions, ask yourself and your team: “how does this add value to our cu­stomers?” If it does not have a positive influence, the time can be better spent on something more important.

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