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Infrared leak test head CIR-II

The inherently and intrinsically safe infrared (IR) leak test head CIR-II is designed to be mounted on LPG leak detection units/machines that can fully automatically or manually test filled LPG cylinders for possible gas leaks.

The CIR-II is the latest, improved and sophisticated version of the CIR test head with numerous advanced features and great benefits.

As a unique patented solution, the CIR-II not only offers higher detection levels but also ensures safer operation. The higher detection levels guarantee that the filled cylinders are 100% safe for your customers.

The CIR-II is more reliable and consistent in performance, thanks to new software with an improved leak detection algorithm and new electronic hardware with higher ADC (Analogue-to-Digital Converter) resolution.

Moreover, the CIR-II is adaptable to a range of cylinder valve types with optional quick interchangeable bottom guides.

With the careful design and material selection, the weight of the CIR-II is significantly reduced so that the wear and tear effect is almost zero.

Image of infrared leak test head CIR II



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