Finishing equipment

Washing systems

MAKEEN Energy's washing systems specially designed for LPG cylinders are developed in cooperation with leading suppliers of industrial washing machines. The washing systems are highly efficient and ensure optimal cleaning of the cylinders.

  • The most efficient washing systems on the market
  • Hot water washing with soap
  • Extension of the cylinders’ life cycle
  • End users perceive clean cylinders as safe cylinders
  • Clean cylinders lead to increased sales




Efficient washing machines boost safety, hygiene, and sales

Watch our video to see an example of a MAKEEN Energy LPG cylinder washing tunnel in operation.

More LPG products and solutions

  • Thermosealing machines

    When a sleeve or cap has been applied on an LPG cylinder valve, our thermosealing equipment ensures that it forms a tight seal for maximum protection and safety.

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  • Seal application systems

    To protect your valves, our equipment automatically applies shrinkable seals or caps at a high capacity. It can apply them to both centre valves and screw valves.

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  • Next-gen filling: The MAKEEN Energy product line

    The next generation of technology for filling and maintenance of LPG cylinders combines the best qualities of Kosan Crisplant and Siraga.

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