Finishing equipment

Seal application systems

MAKEEN Energy's seal application systems are designed for application of all kinds of shrinkable seals on LPG cylinder valves.


  • Sealing of both centre valves and screw valves
  • Sealed valves are protected and safe valves
  • Automatic application of shrinkable seals or caps
  • High capacity
  • Minimum space requirements




More LPG products and solutions

  • Thermosealing machines

    When a sleeve or cap has been applied on an LPG cylinder valve, our thermosealing equipment ensures that it forms a tight seal for maximum protection and safety.

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  • Washing systems

    Clean cylinders last longer and are more attractive to the end-user. Our washing systems are the most efficient in the market and ensure optimal cleaning.

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  • Next-gen filling: The MAKEEN Energy product line

    The next generation of technology for filling and maintenance of LPG cylinders combines the best qualities of Kosan Crisplant and Siraga.

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