Filling equipment

Semi-automatic filling head for centre valves

The pneumatically controlled filling head AFC is an independent unit designed for operation with a filling machine or an evacuation unit. The SAC is semi-automatic and is used for safe and accurate filling/evacuation of LPG cylinders with centre valves (click-on type). It is mounted on the machine (e.g. a UFM filling machine) with a retractable spring balancer.

The filling head connection is performed in two steps after it is manually pulled down and pressed onto the cylinder valve. First, a set of lock washers lock the cylinder valve and the filling head, and an internal filling nozzle is seated onto the cylinder valve to create an air-tight seal. Then, an internal pin opens the cylinder valve and the gas flow inside the filling head together.

The filling head disconnection is also performed in two steps. First, the pin is retracted, closing the gas flow and the cylinder valve. Then the filling nozzle is disconnected from the cylinder valve and retracts back. Finally, as the lock washers are released, the filling head retracts back under the spring force of the retractable spring balancer.

3D illustration of semi-automatic filling head for centre valves


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