Filling equipment

Manual filling head or centre valves (click-on)

The manually operated filling head MFC is an independent unit designed for operation with a filling machine or an evacuation unit. The MFC is used for safe and accurate filling/evacuation of LPG cylinders with centre valves (click-on type). It is mounted on the machine (e.g. a UFM filling machine) with a retractable spring balancer.

To connect the filling head with the cylinder valve, the operator pulls the filling head down and presses it onto the cylinder valve. Then as the operator presses the handle of the cylinder valve, it performs three steps under different spring loads. First, the filling head locks with the cylinder valve using an in-built locking mechanism. Then the cylinder valve is opened using a pin and the LPG flow inside the filling head opens.

Once the filling/evacuation process is completed, the operator has to release the handle. Releasing the handle, stops the LPG flow inside the filling head, closes the cylinder valve, and unlocks the filling head from the cylinder valve. Finally, the filling head retracts back under the spring force of the retractable spring balancer.

3D illustration of manual filling head for centre valves (click-on)


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