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MAKEEN Gateway

Your best friend in the era of data

Data collection in LPG filling plants is an increasingly important part of the solutions we deliver, and at the center of it all is a little grey box – the MAKEEN Gateway. It sits in a control room or office near the filling hall, quietly gathering all the data from the controller units of the machines that are filling, checking, or putting the finishing touches on LPG cylinders going through the production line. What is so special about this discreet device that allows it to generate so much value for our customers?

The MAKEEN Gateway is, at its core, a data logger that receives inputs from the controller (HMI) units at a filling plant, gathering the data about how the machines are performing. The Gateway connects the customer’s essential equipment and tracks all the different variables such as how many cylinders are filled, how many are rejected post-filling, stoppage time, and more. And it uses this information to automatically generate an actionable overview of the operation’s performance as a whole, as well as of individual asset performance.

No more hours of Excel

If you started from a situation with no data logging system in place, the MAKEEN Gateway can be nothing short of revolutionary for the way you view your business. Where you previously had to dedicate hours of labour each week to manually inputting data into an Excel sheet and making the calculations, graphs, and analysis to gain insight into your operation, the Gateway does it all for you.
The Gateway uses the data it collects to generate visualised dashboards showing your performance in real time or over a longer period of time. With this increased visibility, you get an excellent basis for improvement that allows you to lower your operating costs, maximise your uptime, predict when your equipment needs maintenance, and much more.

It is no wonder that the Gateway has been a popular choice for customers in all parts of the world. We have Gateways running on all continents except Antarctica, and we the feedback from customers is overwhelmingly positive:

The MAKEEN Gateway provided invaluable insights into our operations, allowing us to pinpoint areas for improvement in our processes and pre-emptively avoid equipment breakdowns, specifically those related to the Filling Machines on the carousel, leading to fewer filling errors and higher performance. The API provided by MAKEEN facilitated a full integration of our system with theirs. Overall, our experience with MAKEEN Energy’s solution has been highly beneficial to our operational efficiency, and I recommend it to other companies who want to optimise their operation with data insights.

Reginardo Tribuzi , UltraGaz, Brazil

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