MAKEEN Cryo and Korea LNG Solution sign co-operation agreement

MAKEEN Cryo and Korea LNG Solution sign co-operation agreement at the Marine Tech Korea 2016. 
After having signed an MoU in June 2016, MAKEEN Cryo and Korea LNG Solution follow up with a detailed co-operation agreement that was signed during the Marine Tech Korea 2016 conference in Gyeongnam, Korea 26-29 September 2016.

The co-operation agreement entails that MAKEEN Cryo and Korea LNG Solution will be co-operating on the development, manufacturing and sale of LNG bunkering equipment for the development of small-scale LNG as bunker fuel for ships in the Republic of Korea over the course of a four year period.

The collaboration between the two LNG experts was initiated in Copenhagen in June 2016 when they first signed an MoU with the intention of mutually exploring and benefitting from each other's strengths within the LNG market. Now that the co-operation is expanding and becoming more specific, both parties are looking forward to reaping the benefits that the agreement may bring.

MAKEEN Cryo is excited about this new collaboration and is eager to consolidate its expert position in the LNG industry among the world's biggest players. 

"We have a lot to gain from this collaboration and the Korean market while at the same time contributing to the industry as a whole making MAKEEN Cryo solutions available on a much larger scale."

LNG manager, Lars Sall.

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