Holding on
to good people

An agent agreement that goes back 30 years!

We believe relationships develop over time and that good relations are worth sustaining. This really holds true for our Maltese agent, Mr. Joseph Zarb of Zarb Stores Ltd Malta EU, who was recently honoured with a token of our gratitude for servicing the Maltese LPG market for an incredible 30 years!

Zarb Stores Ltd represents several companies importing all sorts of technical equipment from all over the world to Malta, but he sold his first mechanical filling plant for KC to the government gas company back in the 80s and from then on, the LPG part of his business only grew. Now that he has retired at age 82, his daughter, Ms. Rose Marie Zarb, is taking over the agency. However, the widely travelled Mr. Zarb still vigorously visits the exhibitions in which KC participates.

It is clear that the co-operation has lasted for so many years due to Mr. Zarb's loyalty and commitment to the Kosan Crisplant brand and company. Just as Kosan Crisplant views him as a natural extension of the company, he also feels a part of the growing KC family.

Known to almost everyone in KC, Mr. Zarb is best characterised as an old-fashioned gentleman, a real man of honour. And these types are few and far between nowadays. He is hospitable like no other and enjoys caring for his colleagues. His trust knows no limits and he shows up for everyone who needs him - no questions asked.

The match was a good fit from the very beginning and it just grew stronger as time went on. Mr. Zarb will probably never stop working completely despite having officially retired. He will forever be fully committed to his business and is very business-minded in general in the most positive sense of the word. Getting up to work is what keeps him on his toes and in good shape. And just as Mr. Zarb puts it: "Recognition is the greatest motivator." We recognise and celebrate his anniversary, commitment and loyalty to Kosan Crisplant.

Recognition is the greatest motivator

Mr. Joseph Zarb , Zarb Stores Ltd

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