MAKEEN Energy recieves PED certification

Certification for own LPG equipment

Our team has succeeded in achieving a PED certification that means we are now fully capable of producing our own central carousel columns and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) pipes.

It has been a technical marathon spanning over 2 years, and now we have finally reached the finish line. With determined, coordinated teamwork between our people in Denmark, France and Sri Lanka, MAKEEN energy has earned in-house pressure equipment manufacturing capability. This means that we can now produce PED-approved LPG pipes and central columns for LPG filling carousels – all under our own roof.

The certification was issued by Kiwa Inspecta, an approved third party, after a detailed document review, product inspection and manufacturing process verification on 11 August 2021.

What is PED certification?

The Pressure Equipment Directive, or PED, is a product directive issued by the European Union (EU) that sets standards for how pressure equipment is designed, fabricated, installed and used. This includes equipment such as pipes, vessels, valves, safety accessories and pressure accessories.

Obtaining this certification involves passing a series of rigorous tests to prove that the equipment in question complies with the requirements of the directive. These tests are used to verify the type of material used to make the equipment, the quality of the components and the general reliability of the product.

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