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7 tips for problem-free project management

1: The quote dictates the details

We outline all the project specifications in the quote. This includes details on payment terms, technical clarifications, delivery deadlines and so on. So whenever in doubt, check the quote out.

2: Information is a necessary key to success

To deliver the right solution, we need technical clarifications from the customer. For instance, this could be on the types of cylinders, valves and pallets. Without the dear details, we cannot drive the project forward.

3: The payment activates execution

Once we register the initial down payment on our account, we start working on the practical part of the project and set the production and planning in motion. In other words, the first gold is our "go".

4: Everybody does their job

The project's tasks are usually divided between two parties: us and the customer. From the start, we agree who handles, for instance, installations for electricity and compressed air. In order to keep the project going, everyone must keep an eye on their job(s).

5: Delivery is not the same as receipt

The time of delivery (EXW) states the date when we have all the equipment ready to be shipped to the customer's site. So after we have produced and packed all the equipment, next step on the journey is shipment by sea or air.

6: Incoterms provide certainty

We always follow the international standards from Incoterms. It clearly communicates the tasks, costs and risks associated with global transportation and delivery of goods. A clarity that brings along certainty for all parties.

7: The terms are the foundation

Our terms and conditions are always the starting point for a project. Therefore, it is important that all parties are familiar with them. Focusing on the terms clears away confusion.

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