Always innovating safety

The protection of people and environment can never be “good enough”. Over the years, we have introduced several innovations to heighten the safety of the employees working with our equipment, the places in which they operate, and the consumers using the end product. Here are 3 examples of areas where we have raised safety standards.

The eternal hunt for leaks

Leakages in LPG cylinders are a hazard to people and environment. That is why, for decades, our product developers have come up with many new improvements to spotting them as early as possible. Our leak detector heads have been tweaked and adjusted continuously to identifying escaping gas from cylinder valves – most recently culminating in the release of CIR-II, the market’s most precise leak detector heads ever.

As for the rest of the cylinder, our cylinder body leak detector has introduced a much easier and more reliable method of finding leaks in the hull of a cylinder – which was previously done by submerging it in water and manually checking for bubbles.

Automatisation eliminates human error

As much as the human mind and body can accomplish, it is not always best suited for repetitive tasks that require constant attention and precision. Humans get tired, they lose focus, and they make mistakes. In our line of business, that is a dangerous habit.

Whether we like it or not, machines are generally more reliable and efficient.  So, since we introduced electronic filling equipment in the 1990’s, we have been on a journey of automating all the steps involved in filling an LPG cylinder. So much, in fact, that you can now have an entire plant filling thousands of cylinders without ever needing to have a human touch a single one of them – although it is still necessary to have one or two supervising the machines while they do their job. So the robots have not completely taken over. Yet.

Pushing forward into the data age

Having easy access to information about your equipment and production can make a huge difference in predicting potential problems before they become hazardous. Over the years, we have continuously developed solutions for remote monitoring of production lines. It started with a computer on-site in a control room, and now our customers can enjoy 24/7 data collection and analysis from anywhere in the world with our Industry 4.0 and Cloud solutions – because knowledge is power when it comes to safety.

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