Case: Totalgaz, France (2013)

A palletiser to guarantee total safety for operators


Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

In the continuous modernisation of the Arleux Totalgaz filling plant, Siraga (today known as MAKEEN Energy) was commissioned to supply a turnkey solution with an advanced palletising system that guarantees total safety for operators - all within a deadline of just two weeks.

Totalgaz currently has several filling plants in France - a country where legislation on safety and arduous working conditions is very strict and advanced. Therefore, the mission was clear: Totalgaz had specifically asked for state-of-the-art, safe palletising equipment favouring the well-being of its operators, so when Siraga offered its solution to the customer, nothing was left to chance in terms of safety!

A relationship that keeps expanding

It was hardly the first time Siraga had worked with the customer, which made choosing a supplier easy when the filling plant needed modernising. In fact, establishing a long-lasting relationship with the customer had been a primary focus point for years! Since installing the now 25-year-old Siraga palletiser that was still operating till the day of dismantling, Siraga had also supplied a 24-unit carrousel treating tap and valve cylinders in 2009.

Siraga as turnkey supplier

A great history with the customer is why Siraga proposed to supervise the entire operation and offer a turnkey solution. In addition to supplying the equipment, Siraga was responsible for the dismantling and construction of a 75 m2 concrete slab as well as the electrical connection. A visit to the Imporgal (subsidiary of Primagaz) filling and storage site based in Brest equipped with the same palletising system from 2009 cemented Siraga as Totalgaz's first choice.

In November 2013, not exceeding the deadline of two weeks, a palletiser from the HYDRAULIS® range was installed and put into operation. The equipment offers limited use of pneumatics and guarantees total safety for operators, which was a primary concern. Thanks to training courses provided on site, everyone got the hang of this new equipment in record time.

In 2015, the UGI Group - the owner of Antargaz in France - also bought Totalgaz and the two companies were merged into one and named AntargazFinagaz. Two years later, the UGI Group decided to invest in a quite similar HYDRAULIS® palletiser for the Valenciennes plant, which was originally an Antargaz filling plant.


Why did you choose Siraga to supply the palletiser?

Siraga’s HYDRAULIS® palletiser not only met Totalgaz’s specifications and technical requirements. The turnkey solution also allowed us to guarantee the best possible coordination of the Arleux plant during the work on a very tight deadline. The division into safety zones also appealed to us, as it enables the operators to access the palletiser without needing to stop all the machinery thus simplifying resuming the flow.

We are completely satisfied with the whole delivery of the service

Frédéric Martin Head of the Centres and Depots Department, Arleux Totalgaz

The work was carried out in accordance with the schedule proposed by Siraga, which included two weeks of downtime for the dismantling of the old palletiser, the civil work, the installation of the new palletiser, the connections and commissioning including training.

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