CASE: Stogaz, France (2014)

Mounded storage of nearly 500 m3 LPG


Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

Following a request from the state of France to reduce the risk in connection with storage of LPG, Stogaz chose Kosan Crisplant (today known as MAKEEN Energy) as main contractor for the installation of a giant mounded tank at their depot in La Motte, France. The tank was to be embedded in a concrete 'sarcophagus'.

An important factor in Stogaz's choice of Kosan Crisplant as main contractor was that they could leave the entire project to one contractor and not have to worry about subcontractors. The project was defined as a turnkey project and Kosan Crisplant would supply all hardware - including the tank itself - plus all the connecting services such as piping, electricity, alarm, all instrumentation, drainage of water etc.

Project management

An experienced team of engineers and technicians, who had previously worked on a similar project, was put together for the La Motte project. As main contractor, KC had a man stationed on site all day every day to manage and survey all operations and to supervise the subcontractors. Eleven companies were involved in the project one way or the other, but throughout the entire process Stogaz only had to deal with Kosan Crisplant's project team.

We never had any problems at all - not even when the weather conditions seemed to conspire against us. The Kosan Crisplant team was very professional and competent all the way through. At Stogaz we are very pleased with the result. We think that the project has been very well managed from beginning to end. Very professional.

Vincent Baudrillard Managing Director, STOGAZ France

Getting the tank in place

The tank was sailed from Italy to France and just getting the 417 m³ giant, which weighed a whopping 80 tons, off the freighter and onto the road to La Motte was difficult. A gigantic 700 tons crane had to be brought in before the tank could be placed in its concrete embedding and the piping, the instruments, the alarm, electricity etc. be prepared. As much as 900 tons of concrete was needed to embed the huge tank and it took 40 days to erect it on site.

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