Case: Ghia Gaz, Algeria (2014)

The right partner for a new player


The customer's challenge

Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

  • Consultancy
  • Project management
  • 24 scale UFM filling carrousel system with 12 filling machines
  • Chain conveyor system
  • Fully automatic palletizer
  • Check scale with automatic sort-out of incorrectly filled cylinders
  • Steam sealing machine for shrinking of protective caps on cylinder valves
  • LPG storage facilities and loading points
  • Semitrailers for road transportation of bulk LPG
  • Electrical and safety systems
  • Installation
  • Assistance with local approvals
  • Training of operators
  • An additional 12 filling machines for increase of plant capacity

A green field project can be a large mouthful for a new player in the gas filling business. The right partner is the key to success.

Perfectly new to the gas filling business, the family-owned company Ghia Gaz in Eastern Algeria looked for a partner that could offer the right support. They needed someone who could supply both the necessary equipment and be able to handle all aspects of the green field project. The choice fell on Kosan Crisplant (today known as MAKEEN Energy).

Support within all areas

Ghia Gaz wanted advice on investment planning, administrative procedures, technical matters, supply of equipment, installation works, necessary approvals from the authorities, training of operators and start-up of the filling system. Via our Algerian subsidiary, we even handled customs and admission procedures. Only civil works were carried out by Ghia Gas.

A future-proof plant

From the outset, Ghia Gaz was looking to fill 600 domestic cylinders per hour. However, in order for Ghia Gas to be able to handle a future rise in the LPG demand, we dimensioned the system for an hourly production of 1200 cylinders. We also made room for a future expansion of the bulk storage capacity. And that was a wise move. Already within the first year of operation, the LPG demand made Ghia Gaz step up their production to full capacity.

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