CASE: Campingaz, France (2014)

From above-ground to underground LPG tanks


The customer's challenge

Our solution

The outcome

Score of supply

  • Two subterranean cylindrical tanks of 200 m³
  • One subterranean cylindrical tank of 100 m³
  • All tanks are earthquake proof up to 7.5 Richter
  • All tanks mounted on sand beds in accordance with French norm CODAP 2000


When the French Campingaz company was ordered to close an above-ground LPG storage tank for security reasons, they went for a contractor with knowledge and project management skills.

The project followed other European countries' banning above-ground gas tanks for safety reasons. Due to the complexity of the project, Campingaz wanted a contractor who could both ensure that the requirements of the French authorities would be met, and also had the know-how and network to handle a project of such massive scale. 

Full production during construction

The actual project management was demanding, since we functioned as advisor to Campingaz and employed various specialists on the project, including one of the leading tank specialists in Europe. Despite the complexity of the project, the filling facility was kept running during the entire construction works.

Thorough preparation

Since the new tanks are to be buried for many years, the tanks were x-rayed at all welding seams during production, and then coated with a strong material covered with a layer of glass fibre. Finally they were given cathodic protection to prevent corrosion. Specialists inspected the tanks before coating, before transport to the building site and again in connection with the mounting on site.

Getting the tanks in place 

One of the biggest mobile cranes in France was signed in to lift the new tanks carefully into their sand bedding - a job carried out with millimetre accuracy. Once in place the tanks were filled with water to check that the bedding was firm and stable and that the pressure from the tank was within tolerance level.

A future-proof solution

Today the tanks are buried under one meter of soil. The site is fenced in and running full production of Campingaz' gas cartridges for Europe's many campers. No maintenance will be necessary except for a check once every 10 years, when the tanks must be emptied, aired and inspected. In fact, there was so much control during the entire project that the tanks' lifetime could be up to 500 years!

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