Case: Daddogas, Nigeria (2015)

Small fillers make a difference in rural Africa


Our solution

The outcome

Scope of supply

Sometimes, a little really does go a long way. This was the case for first time filler, Daddogas, in Southern Nigeria. Fully backed by the familiar project management expertise of MAKEEN Energy, International Oil & Gas Consultant and Cakasa decided on a rather limited number of automatic filling machines with an impressive range however, enabling the customer to serve every need in his area.

Small investment with a valuable output

For a first time filler in an area such as Calabar, a relatively small plant with a broad range however appeared to be the way to go. The success of this first time filler does not rely on the quantity of filling machines nor the number of employees, but on the possibility to fill everything from domestic 3/6 kg cylinders to larger 25 and 50 kg cylinders for the surrounding industry. This makes Daddogas a valuable entrepreneur in Calabar and for minimum investments, the customer now manages to meet every demand in his area providing his services to both local people as well as to the industry.

Increasing number of small plants in Nigeria

Cakasa, engineering and main contractor in Nigeria, initially ordered a small filling plant in Kaduna in Northern Nigeria back in 2011. Due to the need for high capacity and safety, MAKEEN Energy was again the partner of choice when Cakasa wanted to set up an additional plant - this time for Daddogas in Southern Nigeria in 2013. In collaboration with International Oil & Gas Consultant, MAKEEN Energy delivered a complete plant involving consultancy, equipment supply and project management from green field. With both plants being a success and in accordance with demand, a third plant for Cakasa may be underway.

Safety is paramount

In an effort to develop rural areas in Nigeria and improve safety for the locals - who often still use the highly risky kerosene for cooking - the LPG plant was installed, reducing the number of people still relying on the dangerous oil. Furthermore, two manual leak detectors were installed to considerably enhance security for the end user as well as guaranteeing the paying customer value for his money in an area where every cent counts. Besides considering the safety for consumers, the automatic machines also increase security for the employees and enable a higher capacity altogether.

This case demonstrates how even a fairly small plant - curbing spending for investments - can go a long way and meet a growing demand in Central Africa without compromising safety. The plant has increased security for the locals as well as the surrounding industry.

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