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Students and graduates

We think that our responsible energy solutions are a great match for talented young minds eager to contribute to a better world. That is why we offer a wide range of opportunities for interns and graduates. Over the years, we've converted a significant amount of our interns into our employees. Read their stories here.

Start your career at MAKEEN Energy

Every semester and at many of our hubs around the world, we employ new interns and trainees. We're happy to offer the possibility to work in an international environment with responsible energy solutions - and so are our interns.

A quite astonishing number of our employees started out as interns – some of them not that long ago, others a while back. Common for them all is the experience of working for a company that takes offering opportunities seriously. Below, you get the opportunity to meet some of our recent interns as well as a handful of former interns who have stayed with us as employees. They all tell their stories of what it’s like to work for a global company like MAKEEN Energy.

Some 30 years ago, Morten Balle got an internship with MAKEEN Energy. As he tells us in our interview-series with him:

I clearly felt that the company takes it seriously when it employs interns. That an intern is regarded as an opportunity and a responsibility.

Today, Morten Balle is Operational General Manager at MAKEEN Energy’s branch in St. Rémy de Provence in France and what Morten felt about being an intern back then is still true today - his story is far from the only one.

We only take interns if we have tasks for them and resources to onboard them properly – and often you’ll find our CEO in Randers in talks with interns over lunch in our canteen, inquiring them about what they are passionate about and telling them how their interests and skills may benefit the company.

Meet our interns

Portrait of Petra

Petra Hrabakova

For Petra, the best part of her internship has been to see what she's studying in real life - what can be done in a real company with actual tasks.

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Niklas Rasmussen

After starting his internship, Niklas now knows what it’s like to get a big project, to work on it, fix it in the best way possible, and then to pass it on to the right people - in short, to work for a big, global company.

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Sabrina Grassmé Hacibey

Getting a tailored internship with both communications, technical understanding and homepage building in scope was a dream come true for Sabrina.

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Sebastian Stabell

As a media graphic apprentice, Sebastian gains practical experience with setting up brochures, websites, animations and more – and he feels enabled to succeed by the culture at his workplace.

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How to apply for an internship

Are you interested in joining MAKEEN Energy as in intern? Start by checking out our job openings. If you do not find something that matches your qualifications and expectations, feel free to contacts us anyway - even though we haven't put it in writing, we might still need you. Send your unsolicited application to our HR department together with your CV and a timeframe for your internship.

In case you are interested in an internship at other offices than our headquarters, please contact the local office directly.

Contact our HR department

From intern to employee

Portrait of MAKEEN Energy employee Dimitri Gazagnaire

Dimitri Gazagnaire

With an internship in 3 different countries, Dimitri got to know MAKEEN Energy from many different angles - and he was immediately handed responsibility.

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Current job openings

People and culture

Empowering our people to innovate

We dare to dream big - and in new directions. Our newest business area, Plastcon, is a great example of our strength. The EnviroTech department has transformed itself from initial research to full-scale project execution in just a few years. Read how our people and culture enables innovation.

Looking for a project collaboration?

At MAKEEN Energy, we are also open to the possibility of entering into a project collaboration with students from a bachelor's or master's programme. If you have a topic in mind that is interesting and relevant to both of us, we will be happy to be your project partner.

Send us a description of your topic, requirements and expectations to, and we will see what is possible.