Meet our interns

Meet some of our current and recent interns here. Perhaps you'll feel inspired to apply for an internship yourself?

  • Portrait of Mette Lind Lunau Blach Sørensen

    Mette Lind Lunau Blach Sørensen

    She started out as an office assistant but fell in love with the sourcing, planning and shipping department. So she chose to take up the challenge as an apprentice there.

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  • Portrait Sabrina Grassme Hacibey

    Sabrina Grassmé Hacibey

    Getting a tailored internship with both communications, technical understanding and homepage building in scope was a dream come true for Sabrina.

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  • Portrait of Niklas Rasmussen

    Niklas Rasmussen

    After starting his internship, Niklas now knows what it’s like to get a big project, to work on it, fix it in the best way possible, and then to pass it on to the right people - in short, to work for a big, global company.

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  • Portrait of Petra

    Petra Hrabakova

    For Petra, the best part of her internship has been to see what she's studying in real life - what can be done in a real company with actual tasks.

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Responsible energy solutions are our future. The same goes for the young minds who are studying and training themselves to leave the school system and get one of those adult, real-life jobs. At MAKEEN Energy, we believe that the two – the responsible energy solutions and the students – fit rather well together. And that is the reason why we invite interns and apprentices inside. Here, you can read some of their stories.