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World-leaders in handling gas

For more than half a century, we have delivered close to 3,000 LPG filling facilities to customers in more than 140 countries all over the world. With our extensive experience, we are able to meet even the most demanding client requirements - from a few cylinders every day to several thousand per hour - with integrity, reliability and technological excellence.

Project-oriented mindset

We are a project-oriented corporation that supplies equipment, plants and systems for filling and maintenance of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. We offer our customers a full range of products and services from single machines to entire plant constructions as well as engineering, project management, after-sales packages, service contracts and facility management. We continuously develop our systems, products and services to anticipate future demands for increased capacity, efficiency and, above all, safety.


image of a lpg cylinder filling carroussel called flexpseed

Filling systems

Our product range contains a wide variety of gas equipment for LPG, NH3, LNG and other cryogenic gasses. Whatever your scope or requirement, we can help you reach your goals and ensure the success of your business.

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Maintenance systems

Clean, well-maintained LPG cylinders are not just nice to look at. They are safer, last longer and sell better - while also projecting an image of responsibility and professionalism on your brand. There is no good reason to neglect the maintenance of your cylinders.

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Cryogenic solutions

Our cryogenic solutions cover both solutions for the production and the transfer of the cleaner and, literally, cool fuels that liquefied natural gas and biogas are. More precisely, we operate within three market segments known as liquefaction, bunkering and refueling stations. Besides our turnkey installations, we can also assist you with service offers, after-sales packages, consultancy and facility management.

Filling systems

As an industry leader, we are proud of our LPG filling solutions and how they can match every situation, customer and need. Nothing is too small or too big. With our many years of experience, we know every corner of the LPG filling industry - and every step on the way from dreaming of new filling facilities to operating and maintaining existing equipment. And we can help you no matter which step you are about to take.

Our broad expertise makes it possible for us to handle basically everything at LPG filling plants. We can design and engineer a complete solution, manufacture every piece of equipment and install everything so it is ready to run. Whether you need help with a single component or the entire system for filling LPG cylinders, we are always ready to assist you.

To ensure that the filling facilities are always up and running - and as effectively as possible - we also have a wide range of service offers and after-sales packages. We can even take care of the daily operation with everything this involves with our facility management agreements.

Read all about our filling systems on our product page.

Maintenance systems

Our maintenance solutions cover all the necessary equipment for repair jobs on your gas cylinders. Among other things, this includes internal cleaning and inspection, pressure test, purging, evacuation, surface treatment, hot repair of the cylinder body, shroud and foot ring straightening and valve jobs.

We also offer a selection of solutions for keeping your gas cylinders clean, attractive and safe, such as washing machines, painting booths, equipment for marking your cylinders with your commercial brand and valve seals for end-user protection.

And just as our filling systems, our maintenance solutions can be tailored to match your needs and wishes. Go to our product page to read about all our cylinder maintenance and reconditioning solutions.

Cryogenic solutions

A rising political and legislative focus on sustainability has made many rethink their choice of fuel. To protect our planet, we need to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses - and here liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (LBG) comes forward as excellent, greener alternatives. Moreover, LNG/LBG also asserts themselves as easily available fuels, and with our flexible small-scale solutions, it is possible to modulate facilities to fit needs of any size.

Scalability, zero-emission, automation and mobility are the four core principles we focus on implementing in all our cryogenic gas activities. And whether you are looking for a solution for the production (liquefaction) or transfer of LNG or LBG, we will always make sure to match the solution to your specific needs and situation.

Read all about our cryogenic solutions on our product page.


Inspired by the Danish LEGO brick system, we design our solutions to enable you to "grow as you go" by means of building blocks.


With a department dedicated to EPC/large-scale projects, MAKEEN Energy has the ability to tailor-make complex LPG-related solutions of any kind, thereby helping our customers reach their goals.


All businesses are different, and our solutions must, naturally, be different as well. No matter the nature and scope of your requirements, we work closely with you and tailor our products and services to match your business down to the last detail.

Proper and dedicated engineering

MAKEEN Energy's staff of experts makes calculations and dimensioning within all fields related to installation, extensioning, upgrading and renovation of filling plants, LPG storage facilities, distribution centres and maintenance plants. In addition our staff also elaborates market analyses, operational analyses and efficiency tasks for customers all over the world.

Your perfect engineering partner

MAKEEN Energy knows the value of proper and dedicated engineering in every customer project. That is why we offer our customers a wide range of engineering services to meet every demand related to the LPG filling business, no matter the size and scope.

Over the years, we have acted as the key engineering partner in many international LPG projects. As a result, we have built up our expertise and achieved valuable experience and know-how of theoretical as well as practical challenges that face the LPG industry all over the world.

That makes us experts in engineering within all fields related to installation, extension, upgrading and renovation - in other words, everything within the fence - of filling and maintenance plants.

We have probably been there before – that is why we can guarantee you a perfect solution.

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Benefits of choosing us for your engineering needs

  • All engineering work delivered by one supplier
  • Clear vendor/client interface
  • Competitive prices
  • Homogenous basis for dimensioning and design
  • Future-oriented solutions
  • Fully documented engineering job
  • Layouts are elaborated on the basis of thorough logistical analyses

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